Church Tokens & Medals


The American Church Missionary Society Token

White metal, 39.9mm
   Although not signed by George H. the following entry from the American journal of Numismatics, Volume VII, July 1872 - July 1873 identifies him as the engraver/die-sinker.
Mr. George H. Lovett, die-sinker, of 181 Broadway, N. Y., has recently issued a very neat medal for the "American Church Missionary Society." It is intended for distribution among members of their branch in Mexico.
Obv. Within a circle, and surrounded by rays of light, an open Bible on which lies the Cross. Around this, outside the circle, the legend " AmericanChurch-Missionary-Society.*"
Rev. A dove, with wings spread, holding in its beak a sprig of olive, and sustaining an irregular convoluted scroll covering the field, on which rests an open volume, marked " Biblia Sacrada;" rays of light from the dove's beak cross the scroll and underlie the volume. Legend, " Cree-en-el-Senor-Jesusy-Seras-Salvo " — " Iglesia-de-Jesus-Mexico."
Size 25. White metal. W."

1852 St. Matthaeus Church Medal

White metal, 38mm
    The obverse legend reads " Hold on to what you have so no one can take away your crown”. The reverse reads " to the children of the L.D. Church parishes of N.Y. for the celebration of the 100 year existence of the German Community, New York,  October 31, 1852.”  The American Numismatic Society collection list a silver version of this medal.

St. John's Church Sunday School Medal

 Silver, 31.1mm
This medalet has been attributed to George H. because the obverse design is found muled with a William T. Sherman die that is attributed to him also.

Silver, 31mm
(images courtesy of John Sallay)

St. Patrick's Cathedral Dedication Medals

Bronze, 28.1mm

White metal, 28mm

St. Patrick's Cathedral / Washington mules

Baker 630, copper, 28mm
(on line image)

Baker 630A, white metal, 28mm
(image courtesy of George Cuhaj)

Baker 631, copper, 28mm
Obverse as below, reverse as Baker 630